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Post rental and installation

Champs Post Installation is the valley's oldest and largest post installation company proudly serving the greater Phoenix real estate community since 1981.

Our impeccable installation services include NEXT DAY delivery and installation, we fabricate signs and riders, and we offer the largest selection of in-stock post -- in our industry.

Online ordering

We've designed the industry's most comprehensive online order requests. These forms ask the necessary questions so that we can effeciently provide the quality service that you deserve.

Our online order solution also saves you money! We prrovide a $2 discount with every accurate order placed on our website. Please feel free to call us to walk you through your first order. Once you understand our forms, we're confident that you'll appreciate our program.

Sign fabrication

  • Quick turnaround
  • Reasonably priced
  • Qualty signs

Residential Real Estate Signs
Commercial Signs
Custom Riders

One stop shop

We store our customer's inventory
Rent 75 different riders
Rent deluxe information tubes
Sell brochure boxes
Make custom riders (same day)
Fabricate signs

Post Installation Related Fees

Our installation fees include one trip to the property to install a post, one trip to the property to remove the post and the first six months rent.


The rent for our posts is $12 every three months after the first SIX months.

If our post is damaged or not recovered from your listing, the replacement fee varies depending upon the post type and extent of damage.

Out of area fees apply to some locations.

Sign and Rider Fees

Information Tubes and Brochure Boxes

We rent information tubes for $7. This fee is a "flat rate" for as long as you need the information tube on this post at this property.

We sell brochure boxes for $21. We can install your brochure box for $2.