Terms of Service
Broker/Agent Agreement

Excluding holidays, our office is open 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday-Friday.  Installers work Tuesday - Saturday.  Orders received before 3:00 pm should be installed sometime the following day, if complete and accurate information has been provided and if we're not limited to access during certain hours.  Installers start very early and can work into the evening.  Occasionally, orders located in very remote areas from the greater Phoenix area (I.e., Casa Grande) are not installed the following day.  Please see our holiday schedule

We rent 26 different types of posts, 75 different riders and deluxe information tubes.  The post installation fee includes the installation, one trip to the property to remove the post and the first six months rent.    Extension Fees are billed every three months after the three anniversary date of the installation for the first year.  This three month fee is $12 for an additional three months rent with our post .  At the one year anniversary of the installation, we then charge a fee of $4 per month.  Extension fees apply only until we receive a request to remove our post. 

When we receive a request to remove our post, we will email you a confirmation.  This is a receipt that you must retain for your records.  If you don't receive our confirmation, please contact our office immediately, it's imperative that you receive our confirmation.  Please tell the homeowner to leave our post installed.  No one is move or remove our property from where it is installed.  If a post is improperly removed, the post can be broken.  If the post is inaccessible, you will be charged the applicable trip fees for us to make additional trips out to the property.

If we don't recover our rented items or if the items are broken or damaged (from graffiti to a natural disaster), you are responsible for the replacement fee of the rented items.   Missing items must be recovered within two weeks of the removal date to receive a credit for the lost item.  We will contact you if we are unable to locate our inventory.

Customers can logon to our website anytime to see billing history, place orders, edit orders, cancel orders and update contact and billing information.  Each accurate and complete order placed on our website will receive a $2.04 discount applied to your account to reduce your Champs expenses.  You can save $4.08 on each listing if you place the installation order and later the removal order online.  We will gladly walk you through the order process.  Once you are familiar with our forms, we're confident that you'll appreciate our program.

Money owed to Champs will be billed to your credit card on file at the time of service or charge.  If your credit card is declined you will be billed a $1 Declined Credit Card Fee.  It is your responsibility to keep your contact and billing/credit card information current while renting our post.  If your credit card is declined, we will contact you.  If you are unable to pay to your bill, we will pick up all rented posts.   If you don't have a credit card, you can pay money owed in advance, plus a deposit on all rented items.

If an agency/broker is responsible for paying the agent's expenses, the agency is responsible for emailing Champs notification when an agent terminates.  Send the email to Lauren@MyChamps.com.   Agency is responsible for agent's expenses through the date of notification to Champs of the termination.   Keep a copy of the email notification as proof of notice.  Statements are sent on the first of each month and are due within 15 days.  If you don't receive the statement by the 3rd of the month, it is your responsibility to contact Champs.  If a bill is past due, you will be assessed a $10.20 late fee. Champs reserves the right to remove all posts without notice, if your account is past due. 

For certain areas, we charge an additional Out of Area Fee.  Click here to see rates.  This fee compensates the installer for his additional mileage and time for remote areas.   The fee includes the two necessary trips to the property to install and remove the post.   If you need us to make an additional trip to the property the Out of Area Fee is 50% of the original fee.

We strive not to make errors, however, if we do make a mistake, we will fix the mistake within 24 hours of notification.  We do not compensate our customers for errors.

Blue Stake marks buried utility lines (power, gas, water lines in metal pipe, telephone and television cable) if you or your homeowner orders their service.  If you choose not use this free service, Champs will not be responsible for the repair expenses related to the damaged utility lines.  You will be billed for any repair bills sent to Champs for such repairs.

PVC water lines are undetectable.  So, every time we install a post, we risk hitting water lines.   Champs Post will not reimburse a homeowner or agent for any expenses, damages or repairs (I.e., water bill, lost plants, plumber's bill).  However, we will repair PVC lines within 24 hours of notification of the problem. 

Customer is responsible for checking the post upon installation.  We guarantee our installations for seven days.  If the post has fallen, is leaning or if you are dis-satisfied with the post quality, we will reinstall the post in the same location at no charge when we're notified within the first week after an installation.  The installation is not intended to be permanent.  We cannot guarantee that the homeowner may not remove the post, over-water the grass, break the arm of the post from improperly removing the post, etc.   We charge a nominal fee to reinstall a post, see reinstall fees.

Homes located in a subdivision governed by an HOA, may have additional regulations about sign type, placement, height, etc.  It is your responsibility to advise us if there are restrictions from the homeowner's association before we send an installer to the location.

Champs Post will store our customer's signs (for agent's current agency) for as long as we do one installation per year minimum for you.  Champs will store your riders, information tubes, brochure boxes, and lockboxes as long as those items are being reinstalled at least once a year and they're not property specific.  Your items are not insured (nor will you be reimbursed) if items are lost or damaged. 

Champs Post charges a fuel surcharge equivalent to the cost of one gallon of gasoline based on the average price of gas taken from www.PhoenixGasPrices.com.   The fuel surcharge today is {Label2} for an installation.  This fee covers the two trips to the property (one trip to install the post and one trip to remove the post).  This fee applies to all installations regardless of their location.  The fuel surcharge for a trip or reinstall is {Label3}

If you dispute a charge on your credit card and the bank determines that the charge was valid, you will be charged a $50 fee for each charge disputed.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.

All orders are bound by this agreement.