Post Options Available To Rent From Champs

You can save $4.08, when you place your installation and removal order at our website.   A $2.04 Online Order Discount will be issued to your account when you place each accurate, complete order.  We will gladly walk you through the order process.  Once you are familiar with our forms, we're confident that you'll appreciate our system.

For certain areas, we charge an additional Out of Area Fee.  Click here to see rates.  This fee compensates the installer for his additional mileage and time for remote areas.   The fee includes the two necessary trips to the property to install and remove the post.   If you need us to make an additional trip to the property the Out of Area Fee is 50% of the original fee.

The Installation Fee includes the installation, one trip to property to remove the post and up to the first six months rent. 

The Reinstall Fee applies only when you need us to reset or reinstall the post.

The Replacement Fee applies if Champs does not recover the post or if the post is broken or damaged that you rented.

Extension Fees are billed every three months after the six anniversary date of the installation for the first year.  This three month fee is $12 for an additional three months rent with our post .  At the one year anniversary of the installation, we then charge a fee of $4 per month.  Extension fees apply only until we receive a Removal Request.  It is your responsibility to keep our confirmation of the Removal Request as your proof of requesting that the post be picked up.

Description Installation Fee Reinstall Fee (if necessary) Replacement Fee (if lost or broken)
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