City and County Sign Placement Regulations

All city and county regulations stipulate that real estate signs/posts are deemed illegally positioned if placed in city or county easement area because they hinder driver and pedestrian visibility.   Posts are to be placed at least 3' inside the property line of the actual parcel for sale or lease.  Area between the sidewalk and street is considered easement.  

Furthermore, if a property is located on a corner and a post is positioned on the corner, the post is to be 18 feet in from the corner (or within 33 feet of the corner).  A post placed on the corner "in compliance" will not be very visible.  It would be much more visible either in front of the house or on the side of the house, because it can be placed closer to the street.  Some cities have additional restrictions, see below:

*  City of Carefree - Signs need to be positioned so that they are parallel with the closest street and not closer than 15 feet to the street.  Signs are not to exceed 24" x 18".  Sign height is not to exceed three feet above grade level.  

*  City of Paradise Valley - Signs/posts cannot be closer than 10 feet to the curb, or if no curb, pavement.  Signs are not to exceed 24" x 18".  Sign height is not to exceed three feet above grade level.   For corner properties, signs/posts cannnot be within 50 feet of the corner. 


Home Owner Association Regulations

There are thousands of Home Owner Associations in the greater Phoenix area and their rules change periodically.  It is your responsibility to verify if there are HOA regulations for sign height, type and placement and instruct us accordingly.